Donald at the Bat – Day 963, The Russan Spy

Day 963, The Russian Spy 


The CIA withdrew a Russian spy,

Afraid  that, if discovered, he might die.

Once they learned of the size of Donald’s mouth,

The CIA said, “We can’t trust this guy.”


Trump told the Russians some of what we knew

Of ISIS and just how the knowledge grew.

Thus, an Israeli asset was exposed.

When Donald runs his mouth, then troubles brew.


Is Donald Trump a willing Putin tool?

Or is he, as they say, a useful fool?

He always seems to take the Russian side.

In Putin’s crown, Trump is the shining jewel.


The CIA withdrew a Russian mole;

The remnant there is now a big, black hole.

No Russian information radiates.

When he backed Trump, was that Vlad Putin’s goal?