Donald at the Bat – Day 957, What We Owe the Free Press

Day 957, What We Owe the Free Press 


The president’s incompetent and Congress cannot act.

If this were private business, all of them would have been sacked.

It’s our own fault, for we elected these folks with our vote.

So, is there hope?  Is our free press a saving antidote?


Trump says our press is all “fake news,” that they’re the enemy.

In Trump’s mind, “You attack the country when attacking me.”

Trump can’t stand criticism for he thinks he’s always right.

So, he’s resentful of all facts and who brings them to light.


Since Donald Trump has lived on lies and now is getting caught,

A lot of Donald’s actions make it look like he’s been bought.

The press shows what Trump says and does, which he says to ignore,

But our free press tells us the truth; it’s our fault if we snore.


Our president’s incompetent; the Congress cannot act.

But our free press could be our savior, with fact after fact.

We can’t say we’ve not seen the facts that we’ve all heard and read.

If we ignore these facts will our democracy be dead?


And now we hear of Trump’s allies’ plan to attack the press.

With compromising photos, emails, bludgeons, not finesse.

Once Trump told Leslie Stahl that he feels free to play this way,

So that no one believes the press, whatever it may say.


Dictators cannot stand free presses; they must muzzle them.

And Donald feels this all too well when they report on him.

So, our free press may save us; Trump knows that, so he’ll fight back.

Now, will we keep our eyes half shut, when he’s on the attack?