Donald at the Bat – Day 956, Guns Again

Day 956, Guns Again 


The subject, once again, is gun control.

The president backed down on background checks.

Unmoved by what we read in every poll,

Trump fears the NRA withholding checks.


And Mitch McConnell’s view is just the same,

Quite narrow with his head inside a shell.

So, he’ll withdraw and play a waiting game.

Mitch likes those NRA checks just as well.


That means mass shootings will go on and on.

The NRA has legislative juice.

What Trump said in the past was just a con,

He’ll play golf, leaving gun control laws loose.


So, did the Constitution cause this mess?

No, state militias aren’t the issue here.

Count up our guns and you won’t have to guess:

No tyrant but ourselves that we should fear.


Another thought: could white male fearfulness

That someday soon they might just be outrun,

By dark-skinned folks and people in a dress,

Make insecure men go and buy a gun?


Surprise, surprise, Walmart may lead the way.

They just announced curtailment of gun sales.

And did Wayne LaPierre just cry, “Oy veh!?”

Our biggest retailer might tip the scales.


And, if the NRA urged a boycott

Of Walmart, who is favored in that fight?

If Walmart tells the Donald they will not

Support him, would Trump then kiss Wayne,  “Goodnight?”