Donald at the Bat – Day 955, Mass Shooting Down In Texas

Day 955, Mass Shooting Down In Texas

(May be sung to The Yellow Rose of Texas) (1)


There’s gunfire down in Texas,

But that is nothing new.

Another white male shooter,

That’s what they like to do.

It was a running gunfight

Along the interstate,

Another normal Saturday,

And normal Texas trait.


They like their guns in Texas;

You see them everywhere.

Like schools and bars and churches,

What could go wrong in there?

They use their guns for hunting

All kinds of feral game,

But, really, anything that moves,

We humans are the same.



To change light bulbs in Texas,

You need to get more guns,

Like AK 47s

And ammo by the tons.

But though you’ve changed your light bulbs,

It stays dark weekend nights,

Because we know some good old boy

Will come shoot out the lights.


Just last month in El Paso,

Some twenty two were killed.

Just seven in Odessa,

A murderer less skilled?

No, Texas loosened gun laws (2)

When twenty two were shot.

From twenty two to seven deaths—

These new laws helped a lot.


(1)  The Yellow Rose of Texas dates to before the Civil War and originally referred to a “darkey” (negro) wanting to go and see his “yellow rose,” meaning a light-skinned, colored woman.  It has been extensively modified to fit more recent sensibilities. The term, “yellow,” was commonly used for mulattoes, sometimes called, “high yaller.”

(2)  And, believe it or not, Texas really did loosen gun laws after the El Paso shooting, showing obeisance to the NRA mantra that, “The way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  Of some interest then, is the fact that the Midland-Odessa shooter, who killed “only” seven people, shot three policemen and wounded twenty one others before being killed in a final parking lot shootout.  To me, that is a score of 7 to 1 in favor of the bad guy.