Donald at the Bat – Day 954, Trump and Fox

Day 954, Trump and Fox 


Is Fox News feuding with the president?

Must they treat Donald Trump like royalty?

From Donald’s tweets, the rift is evident,

For he’s accused Fox of disloyalty.


Trump’s major disappointment is the polls

That show him losing to the Democrats.

Reporting these results heaps glowing coals

On Donald’s head, thus turning Fox to rats.


Trump’s rule is: you are with me or you’re not.

All facts he does not like must be called fake.

Reporting facts is just a liberal plot.

When Fox does that, Trump gets a stomach ache.


Sean Hannity remains a sycophant

And Tucker Carlson kisses Trump’s coattails.

But now, Chris Wallace makes the Donald rant

And Neil Cavuto just came off the rails.


And Mother Nature’s also piling on

With hurricanes off our Atlantic shore

And fires that rage down in the Amazon

Can Donald’s fragile psyche take much more?


Fox News and Mother Nature have both turned.

Real news and global warming are both true.

So, in a sense, Trump’s troubles have been earned.

The bills of truth are starting to come due.