Donald at the Bat -Day 951, Breaking the Law

Day 951, Breaking the Law 


Trump’s looking for new laws to break, so it’s back to The Wall,

His major campaign promise, that he’s not fulfilled at all.

Just sixty miles of fence, replacing what’s already there,

And not one mile of new wall built, not one foot, anywhere.


Since Mexico’s not paying, although Donald said they would,

And Congress isn’t either, although Donald says they should,

He’s stealing funds from other pots: Homeland Security,

And funds from FEMA, earmarked for the next calamity.  (1)


The next calamity is coming: a new hurricane

Is bearing down on Puerto Rico, which still feels the pain

When that huge storm two years ago blew in and knocked them flat

And Donald passed out paper towels, then said, “Enough of that.”


Now Trump has told his minions, “Seize the land; I’ll build the wall.

“And, if you get arrested, then you just give me a call,

“I’ll pardon everybody so there is no risk to you.

“I stole the funds; you steal the land, (what Vlad and Kim would do.)”


Or, after all, what good is power, if it can’t be used?

To demonstrate your power, sometimes it must be abused.

Let nothing stop you, not the laws, not the environment,

As Shakespeare told me, “You must not admit impediment.”  (2)


Since Will is doing a great job and he’s supporting me,

That means that those who don’t support me are the enemy.

We need to keep the brown folks out; they bring crime and disease.

Then I’ll go back to my trade war with Xi and the Chinese.


(1)  FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Its reputation has not been enhanced by its management of the relief from hurricanes Katrina, which hit New Orleans, and Maria, which hit Puerto Rico.

(2)  Well, not exactly.  Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, begins: Let me not to the marriage of true minds/Admit impediments…. It is about love.  At least Trump gives Shakespeare credit for “doing a great job,” like Frederick Douglass is doing.