Donald at the Bat – Day 952, Trump and Deutche Bank

Day 952, Trump and Deutche Bank 


Did Russians cosign Donald’s loans with Deutche Bank?  We’ll see.

Somebody told reporters that on MSNBC.

Anonymous and unconfirmed, that still explains a lot.

If Russians cosigned Donald’s loans, then Donald has been bought.


No other banks would lend to Trump, so it is puzzling

That Deutche Bank gave him huge loans, and Trump is nuzzling

Vlad Putin just like puppies do; they lick your hands and face

And listen to their master’s voice, at home or public place.


Now Deutche Bank admits they have Trump’s taxes and much more.

These records are subpoenaed; revelation lies in store.

The Congress may do oversight; Trump argues he’s immune.

What happens if the judges do not sing the Donald’s tune?


Then Congress gets the records and we’ll get to take a peek.

We say that with some confidence; we know such records leak.

And will the shit then hit the fan?  Is Trump a marionette?

The data are not all in yet but that’s the way to bet.