Donald at the Bat – Day 950, More on G7

Day 950, More on G 7 


Trump’s loose grip on reality seems to be slipping fast.

Performing at G7, Donald left the world aghast.

Prevaricating constantly, his staff would try to spin,

But then he told another lie, a fight they could not win.


His claims on the environment are unbelievable.

To call him an environmentalist is laughable.

Polluting streams, polluting air, and drilling everywhere,

Just desecrates America and proves Trump doesn’t care.


Perhaps the most astonishing was: Donald chose to shill

For his resort, Doral, Miami, where he says he will

Invite his buddy, Vladimir, to join G7 there,

Though Vladimir has been expelled for the Ukraine affair.


Trump frankly sought emoluments when he shilled for Doral.

He praised its buildings’ luxury and touted its locale.

(Doral is losing money now which this would remedy,)

But Donald says that’s not the point; he needs no subsidy.


So let the Russians back in; we’ll all stay at my resort.

Melania likes Kim Jong Un; (she’s being a good sport.)

Xi, yesterday, my enemy: today I think he’s great.

So what if that’s confusing: “That’s how I negotiate.”


Trump’s always been a flim flam man; the whole world has caught on.

Democracies and Democrats can’t wait ‘til he is gone.

Trump’s kissing Putin’s ass and he’s canoodling with Kim.

Can we return to normal once we’ve rid ourselves of him?