Donald at the Bat – Day 949, Leaving G7

Day 949, Leaving G7 


Did Trump blow up G7?  We’d have to say, “Not yet.”

We’re waiting for the tweet storm.  That’s when the pundits bet

We’ll read of every grievance the Donald has endured.

 Will Donald’s mental status come totally unmoored?


Macron already told us: no joint communique’

For he knows that the Donald won’t sign but just say, “Nay.”

Trump won’t agree on climate or keeping Russia out.

No man-caused global warming: for Trump is still in doubt.


Environmentalism, the planet-wide welfare:

Trump wants the cleanest water; he wants the cleanest air.

He knows more on this subject than anybody else,

So, why attend a meeting on why the arctic melts?


Though Vlad invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea, too,

That was Obama’s failing.  What else could Putin do?

Vlad Putin is a winner, so let’s let him back in.

(And he helped Trump’s election.)  Let’s be G8 again.


Trump says he’ll ask Vlad Putin to come to meet next year.

Such anal osculation makes Donald Trump appear

To be Vlad Putin’s puppet or fish on Putin’s hook.

It’s clear Trump was not bothered by how his pleadings look.


Now Donald’s pushing hosting G7 at Doral.   (1)

He says he won’t make money, a doubtful rationale.

Right now Doral is slumping; its profits have gone south.

But profits do not matter.  That’s straight from Donald’s mouth.


This year’s G7 meeting still tiptoed around Trump,

For dealing with the Donald is more than a speed bump.

Belligerence, one problem, plus volatility,

Make reasoning with Donald, abject futility.


(1)  The Doral Country Club, a Trump property in Florida.