Donald at the Bat – Day 948, Donald’s Trade War

Day 948, Donald’s Trade War 


The Donald tweeted this command:

No business with Chinese!

Do laws say Donald may demand

This type of business freeze?


And will Ivanka lead the way?

(The Chinese make her clothes.)

Will Donald’s tweet from yesterday

Bring those deals to a close?


The Donald’s in a tariff war,

Which he’s afraid he’ll lose.

He cited laws not used before;

Stock markets got the blues.


Trump asked, “Who is our enemy…?”

Jay Powell, his Fed chief?

Or is it China’s Mister Xi,

Who’s causing Donald grief?


Xi won’t roll over and play dead.

Jay won’t cut interest rates.

Recession scrambles Donald’s head.

The “Dems will storm the gates.



G 7 gathers this weekend,

Macron, the host, in France.

Perhaps no longer Donald’s friend,

He kicked Trump in the pants.


Macron invited Persians in

And Donald did not know.

For protocol, a major sin,

Trump looking like a schmo.


Will Donald throw a hissy fit

Before the meeting’s done?

We certainly expect a snit

When back on Air Force One.



Has Macron shown he’s lost respect

For Trump’s bombastic style?

He could not have been more direct.

He tweaked Trump with a smile.


So Trump is isolated now,

No allies anywhere.

Can we repair this?  If so, how?

(First, get him out of there.)