Donald at the Bat – Day 947, Crazy (parody on Willy Nelson song)

Day 947, Crazy (1) 


I’m crazy;

News media show what I’m saying

Is crazy;

I put the world in a bad mood.

My tweet storms

Show my mind is disintegrating.

Left wingers

Say that I am coming unglued.



I’ll tell you what makes Donald worry.

Small crowd size,

And hearing cheers turning to boos.


I’m crazy;

Denmark will not let me buy Greenland.

They say Putin’s spying;

They say I am lying;

And now, I have pissed off the Jews.


I’m crazy,

The polls are all saying I might lose.

If I am “The Chosen,”                                                                      

Why are my polls frozen?

And now, I have pissed off the Jews.





I’m crazy;

So, I’m escalating my trade war.

It’s crazy;

The Chinese will escalate too.

My tariffs

Are hurting our business and farmers.

I’ve ordered

We bid Chinese trading adieu.



All of the pundits are worried.


That fears of recession are true.



I’m crazy;

I’m even attacking my Fed chief.

G 7 is meeting;

I should stop my tweeting,

But that is something I’ll never do.


(1)  See “Crazy,” written by Willie Nelson in 1961.  Most people think that the definitive recording was made by Patsy Cline, also in 1961.  Willie’s own performance came out in 1962.