Donald at the Bat – Day 946, The Chosen One

Day 946, The Chosen One


Is Trump the “King of Israel?”

Is he the “Chosen One?”

Did some punch ring the Donald’s bell?

Is his brain cooked, well-done?


When Trump is on the White House lawn

And talking with the press,

It seems his mind is all but gone;

It’s such a scrambled mess.


The thought that a recession nears

Just drives the Donald nuts.

But analysts have known for years

That Trump is “nucking futz.”


Spontaneous remission seems

An outcome with no hope.

And, nowhere in your wildest dreams

Could Trump be taught to cope.


Since narcissism captured him,

He feels no empathy.

His whole life is just ME or them

And never sympathy.


So, fond dreams of autocracy

From Donald’s scrambled brain,

Or Chosen One of prophecy,

Make Trump’s condition plain.


With Donald’s brains cooked like fondue

And Congress paralyzed,

We’re at a loss for what to do.

Could God’s choice be revised?