Donald at the Bat – DAy 939, Visiting Israel

Day 939, Visiting Israel 


Now Donald Trump has tweeted up a new Israeli mess

And Netanyahu played into the hands of BDS.

He disinvited Congresswomen, Muslims from “the squad.”

Does Bibi need reminding that the Donald is not God?


Tlaib and Omar, Muslims, who do not like Israel,

Both want a state of Palestine; both call the West Bank, “hell.”

They call the state of Israel and occupying force

And view the Arab failure to destroy it with remorse.


Trump tweeted that Tlaib and Omar both hate all the Jews.

Their fellow Jewish Congresspersons call this tweet, “fake news.”

But Netanyahu kissed Trump’s ass and yanked the welcome mat

And commentators can’t recall a dumber move than that.


Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: BDS, is loving it.

It makes Israelis look like bigots buying Trump’s bullshit.

When even AIPAC calls what Bibi did a big mistake, (1)

You know that even right-wing Jews just got a stomach ache.


Israelis always have had haters, yesterday, today.

To act as though they fear these women, and on Donald’s say,

Just fuels the fires of hatred, just what anti Semites want.

It’s self-destructive for the Jews with Trump as commandant.


With new elections coming up, can Trump and Bibi win?

Their anti Muslim tactics worked before; will they again?

We know that Trump’s a bigot and that Bibi calculates.

It is surprising then, who Netanyahu emulates.


(1)  AIPAC, the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, is a coalition of both Jewish and largely fundamentalist Christian supporters of Israel.  Generally their position is that Israel can do no wrong.