Donald at the Bat – Day 938, The Trade War

Day 938, The Trade War


In Trump’s trade war with China, he just blinked.

He says it’s just for Christmas.  Are they linked?

Our farmers cannot sell to the Chinese;

Consumer prices rose from import fees.


Trump said his tariffs made the Chinese pay

About a billion dollars every day.

But all economists have told him, “No.”

(Trump’s grades in Econ I were pretty low.)


For tariffs make importers pay a fee,

A cost that they pass on to you and me.

The one who exports does not pay the cost,

Except if there are markets they have lost.


Then Xi, in China, said he would not buy

Our farm goods, period.  The hue and cry

Apparently made Donald realize

The whole trade war he started was unwise.


The Dow and S & P are jittery,

Which put the Donald in a quandary.

Is a recession looming for next year?

Will Trump get smaller crowds to come and cheer?


A lot of chickens have come home to roost,

From tariffs and racism Donald loosed.

The polls show re-election is in doubt.

Next year, will voters punch Trump in the snout?