Donald at the Bat – Day 937, The Wages of Sin

Day 937, The Wages of Sin 


The criminal case against Epstein died,

‘Twas either by murder or suicide.

But lawsuits proceed against his estate

And these civil cases still may be tried.


Procuring young girls, whom rich men then screwed;

It is no surprise that some girls have sued.

Since sex with young girls was rape, then and now,

Men in Jeff’s black book are coming unglued.


Discovery’s next; subpoenas await

Rich men the world over sweat o’er their fate.

Names in Jeff’s black book, not least Donald Trump,

May yet be hooked on Jeff Epstein’s jail bait.


The damages paid to girls he procured

Are only part of the problems incurred

By intercourse with this pimp for the rich.

Whose goose will be cooked when Jeff’s pot is stirred?


Is it a surprise that Jeff wound up dead?

The powerful feared what Jeff could have said.

Conspiracy charges may still be filed,

So, Jeff’s testimony filled some with dread.


Of course, Donald Trump has clouded the facts;

Implied Clinton’s killed Jeff: standard attacks.

Is it a reflex that Donald blew smoke?

Is there a good reason Trump can’t relax?