Donald at the Bat – Day 936, “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…”

Day 936, “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…” (1)


“Give me your tired, your poor…” just kidding.

For Donald’s interest is in ridding

Our country of its poorest immigrants.

If you’re requiring some assistance,

You will encounter Trump’s insistence

You change from immigrants to emigrants.


Trump just wants immigrants on merit;

He will do his utmost to ferret

Those immigrants who need a helping hand.

If you are rich or educated,

Or you have boobs that would be rated

At least a D cup, you are in demand.


It’s not that Trump is xenophobic;

Perhaps he’s really claustrophobic.

He’s said our nation’s filled up to the brim.

And Donald’s base of whites and bigots,

Are crying out, “Turn off the spigots,

Of brown folks; we don’t want no more of them.”


Is this all due to Stephen Miller?

Is he the immigration chiller?

His family immigrated as poor Jews.

Slam the door and pull up the ladder;

Who cares if the liberals chatter?

Are we our brothers’ keepers?  That’s old news. (2)


(1)  See, The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus, 1883, now on the Statue of Liberty.

(2)  See Genesis, 4:9, Cain’s response to God after he had killed his brother, Abel.