Donald at the Bat – Day 940, Trump’s New Big Lie

Day 940, Trump’s New Big Lie 


A lie Trump is trying to sell

Is, Democrats hate all the Jews.

And therefore, they hate Israel.

To Jews that’s mendacious “fake news.”


The Congress has thirty five Jews

And thirty three are Democrats.

So Donald is pushing his ruse

Against lots of contrary stats.


When Jews criticize Israel,

And we know that Jews don’t agree,

They want Israel to do well;

Family spats are no mystery.


Most Jews, we know, are Democrats;

When Israel makes a mistake,

It causes intense family spats

And gives every Jew great heartache.


So, Trump won’t succeed in his ruse

That Democrats hate Israel,

Or that Democrats hate the Jews,

Another big lie Jews can smell.


The Squad 

Omar and Tlaib criticize

How Israel rules Palestine,

A right that they may exercise.

When they speak, it makes a headline.


What solution do they desire?

Two states?  Most Jews think that is right.

Or Israel’s funeral pyre,

Which Arabs before tried to light.


Let’s if they have something new.

It won’t help to just shake a fist,

Or show us they both have the view

That Israel should not exist.