Donald at the Bat – Day 933, Trump’s Visits to El Paso and Dayton

Day 933, Trump’s Visits to El Paso and Dayton 


The Donald made his visits to the grieving cities brief.

And made the trip about himself, not the survivors’ grief.

His tweets said, in the hospitals, he was like a rock star.

Then he attacked the Democrats, his standard repertoire.


He stayed away from all the crowds, afraid that they might boo.

And told the press that background checks is something he might do.

But they we heard the NRA told Donald to back off.

(Wayne LaPierre has recommended Donald should play golf.)


We know that the Republicans all fear the NRA.

They won’t consider gun control, not now or any day.

A hundred lives a day, they must consider a fair price

To own an AK 47; they will not think twice.


That Trump won’t move on gun control, shows us he does not care

About all our mass killings.  He will leave it up to prayer.

But narcissists don’t care for others; that is their disease.

Themselves and money are their gods; himself is Trump’s main squeeze.


Assault weapons were last banned back in 1994.

Mass murders went way down compared to what they were before.

But right-wing voters were enraged and threw left-wingers out,

Which shows Republicans don’t care how much blood will spout.


So, semi-automatic weapons, made to use in war,

And hundred-round, drum magazines, to help run up the score

Of victims in just seconds, look like they are here to stay.

It isn’t if but when we’ll have another blood-soaked day.


If we want gun controls, we have to vote for Democrats

For president and House and Senate; get rid of Trump’s swamp rats.

And, if we don’t there’ll be no change; the NRA will rule.

The slaughter will continue.  It will be just like Kabul.