Donald at the Bat – Day 932, Immigrants

Day 932, Immigrants 


His mother was an immigrant; she was a Scottish lass.

Americans are immigrants; the Trump’s came recently.

His father’s father, we all know, came here from Germany.

She came here as a nanny, not a lady of high class.


We all know Trump has had three wives and two were immigrants.

His kids had foreign mothers.  Should we look at them askance?

So, Germans, Scots, Slovenians, and Czechs comprise Trump’s name.

And all are recent immigrants.  Is that a cause for shame?


Latino families have lived here for several hundred years.

So, by comparison, the Trumps are wet behind the ears.

It takes a lot of chutzpah to tell immigrants “Keep out!”

When mom and wives were immigrants and grandpa was a kraut.


Do folks who can’t speak English well cause Trump’s antipathy?

Rump can’t speak English well himself; that should cause sympathy.

Perhaps it is skin color then, provoking Donald’s ire.

That’s about all that is left to set Trump’s hair on fire.