Donald at the Bat – Day 931, Trump’s Visits to Ohio and El Paso

Day 931, Trump’s Visits to Ohio and El Paso 


The president is visiting the places people died,

In Dayton and El Paso, where the Donald has implied

Hispanics are the enemy; they wade the Rio Grande.

They’re murderers and rapists.  Build a wall and make a stand.


When asked, Trump says, of course his words do not cause violence.

To think his words might stir up hatred, gives Trump great offense.

And, when two men with easy access to assault-style arms

Commit mass murder, Trump denies that his words raised alarms.


Both microbes and a weak immunity lead to disease.

The agent and resistance, both: no doctor disagrees.

The microbe of mass murder: guns, resistance should be laws.

We have too many microbes; laws are weak; so both are flaws.


Now, think of laws as vaccines to enhance immunity.

Reduce guns in circulation; and you’ll guarantee

There will be fewer murders, mass assaults be rarer still.

But if we do not vaccinate, we’re fools set up to kill.


To stop an epidemic, vaccination is the key.

The science is quite clear, so now it’s up to you and me.

Don’t be an “anti-vaxxer,” countries that have gun control

Have fractions of our murder rate.  Deny it: death, the toll.