Donald at the Bat – Day 930, Onward, White Supremacists (parody to ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’)

Day 930, Onward, White Supremacists


Onward, white supremacists! Join the culture war.

Restore our position, like it was before.

Young, white males should dominate over brown and black. 

It is time to rise up and to take our country back.

Onward, white supremacists, let’s join the Donald’s war.

Make America great, like it was before.


We know that Republicans won’t pass gun control.

That will help us fight to save our nation’s soul.

Destiny made manifest: white men crossed the sea

And displaced the Indians.  That is our history.

Onward, white supremacists.  Let’s take our country back.

AK 47s will keep us on track.


Onward, white supremacists, make our country great.

If it takes mass murder, we’ll participate.

Our websites will praise the men who run up the score.

They’re our heroes and our martyrs in the culture war.

Onward, white supremacists and Nazis, KKK.

Brown folks storm our borders.  We’ll drive them away.