Donald at the Bat – Day 929, Republican Will Never Act on Guns

Day 929, Republicans Will Never Act on Guns 


Republicans will never act on guns.

They’re in the pocket of the NRA.

The NRA gives them their campaign funds.

A hundred lives a day is what we pay.


McConnell will obstruct all gun control.

As long as Mitch is there, death marches on.

Whatever made him think that is his role?

No hope for gun control ‘til Mitch is gone.


Assault-style weapons are not used to hunt,

Except for victims shot by terrorists.

Another fact our nation must confront:

Some terrorists are white supremacists.


To stop lung cancer, we cannot ignore

The cigarette, for we know smoking kills.

Assault-style weapons, if you’re keeping score,

Just must be banned to cure the nation’s ills.