Donald at the Bat – Day 927, Ohio

Day 927, Ohio 


The same damn thing, this time Ohio, nine more were shot dead.

If politicians do not act, there’s more of this ahead.

With white supremacists unleashed by presidential rant,

Trump’s crowds are chanting, “Send her back,” and he basks in the chant.


When terrorists are foreign-born or Muslim, then we act.

But when they’re good old Christian boys, then we do not react.

Our nuts can buy guns easily, this havoc, the result.

Lax gun laws, white supremacy: the problem’s not occult.


Who needs assault-style weapons?  No deer hunter uses one.

And, why not background checks and licenses to buy a gun?

Who needs a thousand bullets and a great big magazine?

The answer’s clear: a terrorist.  Results have been obscene.


The Senate’s Mitch McConnell is opposed to gun control.

He could not be more harmful if he were a Russian mole.

For Putin’s spies and bots have put Democracy on trial.

While Donald rants and Mitch obstructs, we see Vlad Putin smile.