Donald at the Bat – Day 926, Our Country’s Fatal Disease

Day 926, Our Country’s Fatal Disease 


Our country’s fatal disease has come back.

This time El Paso is under attack.

The shooter in custody, motive unknown,

White male in his twenties, acting alone.


Twenty two dead; many hurt, more may die.

How long will it take for us to know why?

It’s easy to buy an assault-style gun.

It just seems like some men do this for fun.


Liberals will say we need gun laws today.

Right-wingers, when asked, will just shy away.

Third mass shooting this week, that’s our disease.

The carnage is real, not acadamese.


Do good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns?

Why don’t you ask our dead daughters and sons?

No.  Too many guns are why they are dead.

That is a fact you must get through your head.


You must understand facts; they’re plain to read.

So what if right-wingers will not concede.

We need regulation and right away.

For, if we do not, we’ll replay this day.


The governor spoke and asked us to pray.

He knows that won’t stop repeats of today.

But does he know that we need gun control?

This is a sickness of our nation’s soul.


Some preacher must tell us: do not just pray;

Call up your Congressman; do it today.

Prayers have not worked; we need more gun controls.

The nation agrees; just look at the polls.


We must admit we have ourselves to blame.

It’s our country’s fault, our national shame.

To cure this scourge, there is one simple face:

It’s long past time that we rise up and act.