Donald at the Bat – Day 934, USDA Scientists

Day 934, USDA Scientists


Most USDA scientists

Have just been forced to quit.

They got on Donald Trump’s shit list.

Here’s how he made them “git.”

Trump ordered them from Washington

To move to Kansas state.

The order came to everyone:

One month to relocate.

And if they did not want to move,

Or could not move that fast,

The government would not approve

And so, the die was cast.

It’s move or quit; the choice was clear;

So most had to resign.

Mulvaney, manner cavalier, (Mick Mulvaney, Acting White House Chief of Staff)

Said that result was fine.



The scientists said climate change

Threatened food supplies. 

That made Trump need a diaper change.

Facts contradict Trump’s lies.

Since Donald did not want to hear

What science clearly shows,

Mick had to make them disappear.

His strategy: bulldoze.


So, Mick came up with “Move or quit,”

With no time to decide.

So science took another hit.

“I’m freed from facts!” Trump cried.