Donald at the Bat – Day 914, Getting Ready for Mueller

Day 914, Getting Ready for Mueller


Now Donald’s getting ready to watch Mueller testify.

He says that he won’t watch the show but we know that’s a lie.

“There’s no collusion, no obstruction,” Trump says every day.

We’ll see what everybody thinks once Mueller has his say.


They’ve cleared his White House schedule so that Trump can watch TV,

Which he says he won’t watch because there’s nothing there to see.

If you have read what Mueller wrote, it shows that Trump’s a crook,

Four hundred forty pages of a clear and damning book.


First, there’s collusion: Mueller wrote that it was not explored.

But he detailed cooperation; it is underscored,

A hundred contacts with the Russians by the Donald’s team,

With information back and forth, no trickle but a stream.


Collusion’s not a legal term, so try conspiracy.

But they made no agreements; Putin worked by courtesy.

Though Russian interference gave the Donald lots of help,

“I got myself elected,” was Trump’s wounded ego’s yelp.


“No criminal conspiracy.”  “Collusion,” not a thing,

“Cooperation” clearly shown and that has got to sting,

But there’s a second chapter to Bob Mueller’s long report.

The findings on obstruction may land Donald Trump in court.


Ten instances of clear obstruction: that’s what Mueller found.

The evidence is well-described; is Trump impeachment bound?

Will Mueller be reluctant or will he cooperate?

We know Republicans have plans to try to obfuscate.


The worst of all was what Trump did with counsel, Don McGahn.

Trump told McGahn, “Fire Mueller.”  That was clearly Donald’s plan.

And then he said, “Tell everyone I didn’t tell you that.”

Creating a false record; that makes Trump a cornered rat.


The Trumpist strategy will be to kill the messenger.

The facts will be against them, so they’ll raise the temperature

And hope that they’ll burn Mueller up with all his evidence,

A conflagration to distract, that’s no coincidence.