Donald at the Bat – Day 913, Re-election Strategy

Day 913, Re-election Strategy


Since Nixon welcomed bigots in, in nineteen sixty eight,

Republicans won’t criticize purveyors of race hate.

Republicans, who are not bigots, quake in fear of Trump.

And bigoted Republicans think racial hate is “great!”


Trump only values people for their loyalty to him.

He says these folks are right and bright.  “White” is a synonym.

Trump only likes two kinds of blacks; these two are coal and oil.

Environment?  What science says?  Trump has no use for STEM. (1)


To clean up the environment, get rid of stuff that’s brown.

(That’s not polluted streams or smog but people in your town.)

They used to be Italians, Irish, Chinese, and the Jews.

Now, Guatemalans, Mexicans: wetbacks who didn’t drown.


Of course, there are those who don’t care, “As long as I’ve got mine.”

Such selfishness is one more trait that keeps Trump’s base in line.

Whatever will keep them on top, just has to be OK,

So they will never say that Donald Trump has crossed a line.


Now Trump has said, “If you don’t love America, then leave.”

The country that Trump wants is best; that’s what we must believe.

Remember back when blacks and browns and women knew their place?

We’re not all equal; that’s implied.  They have no cause to grieve.


“If you don’t love it, leave it.”  Where have we heard that before? (2)

If you don’t leave, then just shut up.  Stay on the bottom floor.

As evolution teaches us, change is the way of life.

Don’t be surprised when someone new comes knocking on your door.


What do Republicans stand for?  Just loyalty to Trump.

The Donald pitches; his base catches; and Trump serves as ump.

The message from the Democrats is that Donald has to go.

If they don’t give us more than that, we’ll re-elect this chump.


(1)  STEM: Science, technology, engineering, mathematics: the areas of study largely responsible for our increasing knowledge base.

(2)  See, “The Fightin’ Side of Me,” by Merle Haggard, December, 1969.