Donald at the Bat – Day 911, Donald Trump’s Base

Day 911, Donald Trump’s Base


We won’t have Donald Trump forever, no one lasts that long.

But, when he’s gone, we’ll have his base, ‘til new Trumps come along.

They’ve always been a part of us, before their man got here.

And should new demagogues arise, they’ll stand again to cheer.


The Donald’s base is mostly made of white folks left behind,

Or those who fear they might be passed by some they have maligned.

We have maligned our immigrants for several hundred years:

Italians, Irish, Chinese, Jews, all stoking bigots’ fears.


And, Trump will keep the selfish rich, who got their big tax break.

They’ll still support the Donald, though they know that he’s a fake.

And, fossil fuel companies are hoping Donald stays.

He’ll cut more regulations, giving them more lands to raze.


Our motto: “Out of many, one,” means that we must unite.

Uniting isn’t easy, though; outsiders have to fight.

Our Indians, our former slaves, newcomers with dark skin,

And even all our women folk, are shouting, “Let us in!”


But Donald says, “Let’s all return to some idyllic past,

“Where we were white and Protestant; white Christians must hold fast.”

That was a past that never was, not even at our birth.

Our nation’s made of immigrants from everywhere on Earth.


So what past should we hold on to?  “E pluribus:” that one.

Our genome says we’re all the same: you, me, and everyone.

All races, all religions, still must fight to win their place.

But we’re uniting into one, though at a glacial pace.


We’re fighting for our nation’s soul, against our racist blight.

It’s not just a debate; it is a knock-down, drag-out fight.

All colors, like the rainbow, is an apt analogy.

We’re multi-colored, multi-ethnic; that’s how it must be.


Since bigotry’s a human trait, it will not disappear.

We don’t yet know the genes involved that cause the bigot’s fear.

Though progress will be slow, we have to keep the pressure on,

‘Til racists are so rare, their usefulness as pawns is gone.