Donald at the Bat – Day 910, Carolina at Trump Rallies (parody to ‘Carolina In The Morning’) & Send Her Back

Day 910, Carolina at Trump Rallies (1)


Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina at Trump rallies.

All of us just love it when he tells brown ladies, “Shove it,” at Trump rallies.

Where the morning glories twine around the door,

We tell old racist stories, we love to hear once more.

With my bleached blonde girlie, I can swagger surly early at Trump rallies.

Trump sets hearts a fluttering with every word he’s uttering at rallies.

If we were in charge of immigration today,

We’d send them back, then here’s what we’d say,

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina at Trump rallies.


Gerrymander voting; keep the black folks out.

Though support is eroding, we’re gonna keep our clout.

Donald twists the spigot and the state pours out its bigots at Trump rallies.

Donald Trump is twittering; his bigot base is glittering at rallies.

Let’s put all brown immigrants we find in a sack,

Even Congresswomen, and then send them all back.

Nothing could be brighter than when Carolina’s whiter at Trump rallies.


  1. May be sung to “Carolina in the Morning,” 1922, lyrics by Gus Kahn and music by Walter Donaldson.  There are several recordings, perhaps the best known by Al Jolson and Dean Martin.


Send Her Back


Concerning Ihlan Omar, Muslim, Congresswoman, black,

The Donald got his audience all chanting, “Send her back!”

He let the chant go on a while and then resumed his talk,

Releasing noxious gases like oil companies that frack.


Reaction was predictable; “It’s racist,” liberals say.

For leaders of Republicans, it was just another day.

With shovels, brooms, and hoses, they clean up the Donald’s crap

And, with deodorizers, try to spray the stink away.


The speech was polling poorly so the Donald told a lie.

That’s what we all expect of him; he’s just that kind of guy.

He said that he did not approve of what his crowd had done.

But Donald was in charge of them; he owns both swine and sty.


He knows that he can get his crowds to roll in filth like swine.

And Kevin, Mitch, and Lindsey do not seem to have a spine.

“The other,” is a human concept that Donald can exploit.

It’s worked in other countries, like that nation on the Rhine.