Donald at the Bat -Day 909, Back to Germany (parody to Deutschland Ueber Alles)

Day 909, Donald, Donald, Back to Germany (1)


Donald, Donald, back to Germany,

Go back to where you came from.

Although Merkel is your enemy (2)

And the Germans think you’re dumb.

Or, ask Vladimir,

Whom you hold so dear,

But he needs you working here.

Donald, Donald, there’s such enmity,

We wish that Drumpfs had never, ever come. (3)


Donald, Donald, is your bigot base

Big enough to win again?

Sinking ever deeper in disgrace,

Will racism help you win?

Will your bigotry

And adultery

Be a path to victory?

Donald, Donald, will your views on race

Help you to win again, to our chagrin?


Donald, Donald, try the Hebrides

Where your mother was a child. (4)

Your ancestors came from overseas,

From the records we’ve compiled.

Your intolerance

Of brown immigrants

Smacks of bigot’s petulance.

Donald, your white nativist disease,

Means that America has been defiled.


(1)  May be sung to “Deutchland Über Alles.”  The original melody was written in 1797 by Joseph Hayden.  The original words, (Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,  “God save Francis, the Emperor,) were to celebrate and honor the German Emperor, Francis II, on his birthday.  It became the German national anthem, Deutchlandlied, in 1922.

(2)  Angela Merkel, current Chancellor of Germany.  She holds a PhD in quantum chemistry. She is not enamored of Trump’s intelligence.

(3)  Drumpf, the original German family name of the Trumps, which was changed to Trump in the 1600s.  Trump’s grandfather, Frederick Trump, migrated here from Germany. 

(4)  Trump’s mother, Mary Anne McLeod, migrated here from Scotland in 1930.  Donald is a second-generation American on his father’s side and a first generation American on his mother’s side.  Blacks started coming here as slaves, in 1619. Native Americans, who include Mexicans and Central Americans (Aztecs and Mayans) started migrating here from Asia from 15-30,000 years ago.  Some of them wish Europeans would go back where they came from.