Donald at the Bat – Day 908, Republicans Show Us Who They Are

Day 908, Republicans Show Us Who They Are


Republicans have shown us who they are.

They won’t condemn the Donald’s racist tweets.

They act as if the president’s their czar

Whose excrement, like honey tastes likes sweets.


We know that Trump is racist to the core.

How do we know?  Trump told us he is not.

A well-known axiom of Trumpist lore:

When Trump says, “It is cold,” you know it’s hot.


Republicans need Russian help to win.

McConnell won’t keep Russian bots away.

And Trump told Vladimir to send them in.

We know they’ll come, for they are here today.


White bigot votes, suppression of the blacks,

And gerrymandering might win again.

So, we’ll expect more Russian “bot” attacks.

As Trump divides us, watch Vlad Putin grin.