Donald at the Bat – Day 907, Go Back To Where You Came From (2 parts)

Day 907, Go Back To Where You Came From (1)


“Go back to where you came from, AOC,”

(But she was born here in the USA.)

Both she and Trump were born in NYC,

Trump’s skin is orange; her’s, café au lait.


Tlaib’s a Michigander from Detroit

And Pressley, Cincinnati, Ohio.

We know, at reading, Trump is maladroit.

But don’t you think that’s something he should know?


It’s true, Ihlan Omar was naturalized,

A citizen since she was just sixteen.

So, were the Donald’s comments ill-advised

In choosing these four ladies to demean?


Trump says they hate our country, hate the Jews.

Brown ladies have no right to criticize.

It’s only folks of white or orange hues

That Trump respects; by now that’s no surprise.


 Tlaib and Omar say that Israel

Has not been fair to Palestinians.

They’ve occupied their lands, made their lives hell.

(It sounds like what we’ve done to Indians.)


Does this mean that these ladies hate the Jews?

Most Jews, like these four gals, are Democrats.

And many disagree with Bibi’s views. (2)

That does not mean that they’re all Arafats. (3)


Trump tried to ban all Muslims from the land,

And those from “shithole countries,” brown and black.

Does this make Donald racist, this demand?

Or, is this bird a duck?  We’ve heard it quack.


The Donald’s base supports his bigotry.

Republicans are mostly on his side.

Damn few of them spoke up to disagree.

They need white, racist votes; that’s cut and dried.


“Go back to where you came from, AOC,

“If you’re not happy here, then you can leave.”

Must we accept our inequality?

If so, our dream just died; there’s no reprieve.


(1)  On Sunday, July 14, Trump sent out an overtly racist tweet, clearly attacking the “squad,” four women of color in the US Congress: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Ihlan Omar.  All four are progressive activists, seeking to improve the lives of Americans who still do not enjoy the full promise of the American dream.

(2)  “Bibi,” Benjamin Netanyahu, current Prime Minister of Israel, basically an opponent of the “two state solution” for Israel and Palestine.

(3)  Yasser Arafat, 1929-2004, Chairman of the PLO, (Palestine Liberation Organization,) from 1969 to 2004, an international terrorist group that wanted to wipe Israel off the map.


Go Back to Where You Came From, 908b


“Go back to where you came from,” Donald said.

Well, let’s review some anthropology.

The fossil record has been closely read,

From the first Homo, up to you and me.


The data show, six million years ago,

We split from what became the chimpanzee.

The fossils and gene sequences both show

The continent of human infancy.


It’s Africa where Homo was first born.

So, we’re all African Americans.

Our white supremacists are all forlorn.

It’s also true of all Republicans.


How did Eurasians get their lighter skin?

When Homo sapiens first sallied forth,

The migrants’ skins had too much melanin

The sun’s rays are much weaker, farther north.


Since sun’s rays weaken at high latitude

And we need sun to make D vitamins,

And lack of D means bones and teeth are screwed,

It’s rough up north when we have darker skins.


But then mutations blocked the synthesis

Of melanin; whites’ bones and teeth got strong.

The strong survive; Charles Darwin taught us this.

Sometimes it’s good when enzyme paths go wrong.


So lighter skins result from some mistakes.

A light skin doesn’t mean your head should swell.

Light skin is from mistakes that Nature makes.

White folks just don’t make melanin too well.


The lessons for white bigotry are clear.

All Homos started out as Africans,

And some changed colors before coming here.

But, we’re all African Americans.