Donald at the Bat – Day 905, Mike Pence at the Border

Day 905, Mike Pence at the Border


Mike Pence toured a camp and saw men caged there.

This fine, Christian man, you’d think he would care.

Did he feel hot coals?  Did his stomach churn?

No, nothing lit up, no conscience to burn.



We saw what Pence saw; we heard what Pence said.

Could Mike Pence be blind, his empathy dead?

The stench in his nose, the protests he heard,

Pence shredded the truth with his every word.


Two Senators there, both Graham and Lee,

Have joined with Mike Pence in sychophancy.

Their eyes looked away; their jawlines were grim

But nary a word from either of them.


Is this what Trump wants, scare brown folks away?

Does he think his base is shouting, “Hooray!”

Though we’d like to think, “We’re better than this,”

Such scenes make this claim a jar of warm piss. (1)


(1)  “The vice presidency isn’t worth a pitcher of warm piss.”  John Nance Garner, vice president (1933-1941) with Franklin Roosevelt.  Several bowdlerized variants have been quoted, including whether he even said it at all.  He was the kind of man who would have said exactly that.