Donald at the Bat – Day 904, Trump and Diplomats

Day 904, Trump and Diplomats


All diplomats seem to agree

With what the British say.

Trump is the worst in memory,

Which no one will gainsay.


Opinions are unanimous

And that includes our own,

Dishonest and tempestuous,

Spoiled brat, not fully grown.


Ambassadors have to assess

For their own government,

The problems they’ll have to address,

With Donald’s temprament.


The problems with Trump are unique,

Jaw-dropping ignorance,

And, information our folks leak,

Erratic petulance.


There’s more on Donald’s temperament

That shows he won’t improve.

No matter what you document,

Denying what facts prove.


Ignoring our intelligence,

Believing autocrats,

And there is simply no defense

For Trump’s kakistocrats.


Though Britain’s diplomat resigned,

If Donald only knew,

The rest are basically aligned.

What he wrote, they write, too.