Donald at the Bat Day 903, The Last Step to Autocracy

Day 903, The Last Step to Autocracy


Trump says that his authority

Should always have priority,

So he says he will circumvent the Court.

The last step toward autocracy,

He’s banishing democracy,

A home-grown institution he’ll deport.


Each ten years there’s a census count.

Trump wants to cause an undercount

To give Red States more legislative seats.

We are to count all residents,

That’s everyone in residence,

A goal that Donald Trump’s bypass defeats.


If we ask, “Are you citizens?”

Of all the country’s denizens,

We’ll undercount undocumented folks.

Our census-takers know that’s true.

Republicans all know it, too.

So, all their other reasons are a hoax.


Chief Justice Roberts smelled a rat,

Which moved him to tell Donald that,

You can’t present your case by telling lies.

But Donald knows no other way,

So now he’ll make his power play.

Succeeding means democracy’s demise.


We’ll have to see how this plays out.

Does Donald have dictator’s clout?

He’s hamstrung Congress; now the courts are next.

If he can put this question in,

And punch John Roberts on the chin,

It’s autocratic muscle he has flexed.


Will we keep our democracy,

Descend into autocracy?

That is the question we are facing now.

Republicans don’t seem to mind

If Donald puts us in that bind.

The rule of law?  No they will all kowtow.