Donald at the Bat – Day 902, God Save the “King”

Day 902, God Save the “King”


Trump’s pissed at Britain now;

Seems there’s to be a row,

For Trump is mad.

Britain’s chief diplomat

Cabled opinions that

Trump’s an incompetent dingbat.

That made Donald mad.


All Europe’s governments

Share the same sentiments;

Donald is mad.

That is how Trump is viewed:

“Emperor,” standing nude,

All fearing he will come unglued.

Proving he is mad.


Britain’s ambassador,

Who has caused quite a stir,

Has now resigned.

Although his words were true

And others share his view,

There’s nothing else that he could do,

So he has resigned.


We brought this on ourselves;

It was not Santa’s elves

Who caused this mess.

Now Donald runs amok;

We made our own bad luck;

Too many voted for this schmuck;

We caused our own mess.


Donald is truculent

And he is petulant.

We have to vote.

Trump is incompetent;

Congress is impotent;

But he’ll become omnipotent

Unless we all vote.