Donald at the Bat – Day 901, The Epstein “Affair”

Day 901, The Epstein “Affair”


A guy named Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire and pedophile,

Has joined two more of Donald’s friends confined in durance vile.

First, Manafort and Cohen were convicted, locked away.

And now the sexual predator is also on his way.


Acosta, Donald’s Labor Secretary, you should know,

Had basically let Epstein off the hook ten years ago.

Acosta was the prosecutor who had made the deal

To keep Jeff Epstein out of jail, which he now can’t conceal.


Since Epstein has been charged again, this time in New York state,

And he was friends with Donald Trump, do Donald’s guts pulsate?

For, if the Donald also fooled around like Epstein did,

It might be something even Trump’s base can’t stand, God forbid.


So, naturally the Donald hasn’t talked to Jeff in years,

(No matter what Trump said before, no matter what one hears.)

Does Trump fear what the victims might say or what Epstein will?

What Donald has to fear is Epstein spreading sewer swill.


Trump cheating on his taxes, daily lying to the press,

Obstructing justice, screwing porn stars, which he won’t confess,

All have not bothered Donald’s base, but pedophilic sex

Just might be something even Donald’s loyal base rejects.


So, will Acosta have to go?  He still gets Donald’s praise.

We’ve seen this sort of thing before; our eyes begin to glaze.

Trump’s Cabinet Secretaries all get caught with their pants down,

Then, tarred and feathered, on a rail, they’re ridden out of town.