Donald at the Bat – Day 900, Trump’s Environmental Policy

Day 900, Trump’s Environmental Policy


The president’s environmental team,

Comprising lobbyists for fossil fuels,

Just made environmentalists all scream

By speaking to us like they think we’re fools.


They gave a presentation yesterday

On how they’re keeping air and water clean.

And, everything that Donald had to say,

Was the most artful dodging ever seen.


For every regulation Trump could find,

He’s done his best to see it overturned.

And every order that Obama signed,

Trump cast into his coal stove to be burned.


Progress on the environment was made

Exclusively by those preceding Trump.

And, since then Donald Trump has fairly brayed.

He’d throw their regulations in the dump.


This made his presentation so surreal

That even Dali would have stood amazed.

Trump bragged about the laws he would repeal

And claims that we’re so clean he should be praised.


But nothing could be further from the truth.

—Our air and water used as septic tanks—

And this is Donald’s pattern since his youth,

To lie to us and say we owe him thanks.