Donald at the Bat – Day 899, The Women’s World Cup

Day 899, The Women’s World Cup


The US Women’s soccer team won the World Cup once more.

They shut out Holland in the match, a two to nothing score.

In the whole World Cup tournament, they gave up just three goals,

With television viewership as great as Super Bowls


Our women dominate the world; our men are not as good.

You’d think that we’d reward the women better, or we should—

But FIFA’s prize pool for the men exceeds the women’s share; (1)

It’s many, many times as much.  Now, how can that be fair?


Our women, swift and strong, have won their contest on the field.

On money though, the stodgy men of FIFA will not yield.

Another point, the ladies sold more tickets than the men.

It’s clear the women have another match they have to win.


And then, of course, there’s Donald: now, will he invite the team?

He sent a tweet that said that they were held in high esteem.

So far, there’s been no invitation for some cheap, fast food.

The women don’t like Donald and detest his attitude.


The Women’s World Cup MVP is Megan Rapinoe.

When asked if Trump invited them, she said she wouldn’t go.

And many others said the same; they are repulsed by him.

Cheeseburgers, cokes, to shake Trump’s hand: that does not honor them.


They’re not the standard A and T that Donald likes to screw,

Not pussies he can grab and kiss, as Donald likes to do.

They are accomplished women; their team is the best, worldwide.

A crass misogynist like Trump, they simply can’t abide.


So, give the women equal pay; tell Donald to piss off.

A man behaving like he does is someone to kiss off.

For they are World Cup champions and Donald is a fraud.

And they all wear gold medals; Donald Trump is a tin god.


(1)  FIFA, Federation Internationale de Football Association, the governing body of international “soccer,” known as “football” everywhere but in English speaking countries.