Donald at the Bat – Dau 898, Donald Is Inept

Day 898, Donald Is Inept


The Ambassador from Britain says that Donald is inept

And says he is incompetent.  That’s widely held, except

Republicans believe it but they won’t say it out loud.

Since Trump is so vindictive, most Republicans are cowed.


We know that politicians study which way the wind blows

And make self-serving calculations, which offend the nose.

Supporting Trump’s embarrassment in front of God and man,

Is clearly wrong, belonging in an ethical trash can.


The only people liking Trump are his hard-headed base.

Some rich folks give him money but their action, on its face,

Shows that they think that they can work him to increase their wealth

And Trump can do it openly; there’s no more need for stealth.


And now the news tells us that Trump is rising in the polls.

More voters are accepting him; perhaps it’s Russian trolls.

Now nearly half of all Americans support a schmuck

Whose character and actions should make everyone say, “Yuk!”


So, Donald is incompetent, inept, and he can’t change.

His only interest is himself; that’s not too wide a range.

Is hanging on to power so important to the right,

That they won’t call a spade a spade, though they know it is right?