Donald at the Bat – Day 897, Lies, Bullshit, or Ignorance?

Day 897, Lies, Bullshit, or Ignorance?


Does Donald know that he is lying every time he speaks?

(To be respectful of his office, some say he misspeaks.)

Is Donald a bullshitter who has no regard for facts?

Or does he tell us conscious lies in tortured, strange syntax?


We see the Donald’s ignorance come daily shining through.

He simply has not read enough to understand what’s true.

For, if you haven’t studied, there are no facts to dissect.

And so Trump says a lot that’s wrong, which he cannot correct.


So, how about bullshitting?  Is that Donald’s standard style?

Bullshitters’ disregard for facts requires a bit of guile.

Habitual bullshitters might know what is really true.

When facts are inconvenient, they spread the bovine pooh.


And then, there is the flat out liar; truth has no appeal.

For he thinks he’s the one who gets to tell us what is real.

The facts be damned; the truth be damned; we must accept his words.

His “cow pies” smell just like a rose, though they are bovine turds.


So, ignorance, bullshit, and lies, or could it be all three?

Since Donald is a narcissist, all he regards is, “Me!”

He does not honor deals that others (even he) has made.

The Constitution’s an old deal; why should it be obeyed?


When Donald’s mouth is moving, the words that he speaks are false.

When one lie is called out, Trump serves again and double faults.

The faults pile up; eventually who knows what’s in or out?

That serves the Donald’s game quite well; he lives in shade and doubt.


His base has faith Trump tells the truth; (belief won’t make it so.)

Their ignorance combined with faith allows Trump’s lies to grow.

When weeds are sown in fertile ground, they sprout and then they spread

And choke all other seeds sown there, ‘til flowers of truth are dead.


Why should we care what is the truth?  We know that Trump does not.

To Donald Trump, the truth is no more valuable than snot.

But, when the country is administered with constant lies,

We know from history, it is democracy that dies.