Donald at the Bat – Day 905b, The Nation’s Epstein-Barr Disease

Day 905b, The Nation’s Epstein-Barr Disease (1)


Does Donald Trump have Epstein-Barr disease?

A sexually transmitted malady?

It makes you do whatever you may please

And makes you comfortable in perfidy.


We must not doubt this possibility.

This virus is one that he could have caught.

Trump is well-known for promiscuity,

Both sex he took by force and sex he bought.


A virus needs a place to reproduce,

A fertile soil with nutrients to leech.

So it grows best in men who’ve made a truce

With morals, ethics, selfish overreach.


Two properties cause EB virulence;

Epstein transmits and Barr facilitates,

Frustrating every ethical defense

And legal antibody infiltrates.


So, has Epstein Barr Virus been the cause

Of Donald’s narcissistic malady

And self-indulgent disregard for laws?

Is there a treatment for his EBV?


Is there a way that we can stop its spread?

Or will we face a catastrophic scene?

 A moral epidemic lies ahead

Until we make an EBV vaccine.


(1)  Epstein Barr virus is the cause of infectious mononucleosis, the “kissing disease,” mostly in patients of European ancestry, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, mostly in patients of Asian ancestry, and Burkitt’s Lymphoma, mostly in Africans who live in the Malaria belt.  The different manifestations of EBV disease in different hosts is instructive for infectious diseases in general. One needs to understand the vector, the virus, the genetic makeup of the host, and possibly different immune responses in humans of different ancestry living in different environments.  Although the virus is ubiquitous in humans, most infected people remain asymptomatic, though they harbor the virus for the rest of their lives.