Donald at the Bat – Day 894, The Democratic Poll

 Day 894, The Democratic Poll


The Democratic, post-debate polls show four in a bunch

And Harris made the biggest move since she ate Biden’s lunch.

It’s Biden, Harris, Warren, Sanders, both men slipping down,

Both of the women moving up, contending for the crown.


Pete Buttigieg and Booker come in next, still hanging on,

While Hickenlooper, Gillibrand, effectively are gone.

In fact, now half the candidates poll less than one percent.

With numbers like that, they must ask, can they still pay the rent?


Two old, white men, two women, two are black and one is gay.

The top six Democrats look like America today.

Republicans will stick with Trump, for Weld has no appeal.

A campaign based on facts and reason will not seal the deal.


The third of us who are still bigots make up Donald’s base.

For part of Donald Trump’s appeal is denigrating race.

Some super-rich still back him since they got a big tax cut

And some right-wing religious folks, who just think with their gut.


The Democrats want education and health care for all.

Republicans cry, “Socialism!” and, “Let’s build a wall!”

The Democrats use taxes for healthcare and cap and gown.

Republicans give rich folks tax breaks, which don’t trickle down.


To move into the future, education paves the way.

Should government give you some help?  Let voters have their say.

Republicans have gerrymandered and suppressed the vote.

They don’t want voters interfering; that’s their antidote.