Donald at the Bat – Day 893, The Trump and Kim Romance

Day 893, The Trump and Kim Romance


Trump stepped into North Korea

And shook hands with Kim.

Then came verbal diarrhea,

Donald’s flam and flim.

“I’m the first!” Trump bloviated.

“Barack tried and tried.”

Once more Trump prevaricated

(A long word for “lied.”)


“Rocket man” and “dotard” dancing, (1) (2)

Like they’re still in love.

Who is leading the romancing?

Who might need a shove?

Although Kim is violating

Deals Trump says he made,

Donald goes on celebrating

Like he just got laid.


Donald brought along Ivanka;

Most think that’s bizarre.

Is the Donald Willie Wonka, (3)

She, a chocolate bar?

Will Kim give up threats of slaughter

And the millions dead,

Dreaming of Trump’s blond-haired daughter

Lying in his bed?


But, for now, they’ll go on talking

On disarmament.

Candy dangled, Kim’s still balking

And intransigent.

Still, Trump trumpets, “It’s historic!

“Never seen before!”

Why aren’t others as euphoric?

We’ve seen this before.


(1)  “Rocket man…”) Trump speech at the UN, September 19, 2017

(2)  “Dotard…” Kim tweet about Trump, September 21, 2017

(3)  See, “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” 1971 movie written by Roald Dahl and starring Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka