Donald at the Bat – Day 892, Right Wing Fight Song

Day 892, Right Wing Fight Song


Go right ahead and gerrymander;

Russians—interfere!  (1)

Should Donald wander and philander,

We’ll still hold him dear.

We know that Donald likes to pander

To the bigot’s ear.

And lies to us in total candor.

Let’s give Trump a cheer.


Progressives hold back their ovation,

And won’t cheer or clap.

They treat the leader of our nation

Like he had the clap.

And every Mueller allegation

Is a lot of crap.

To show your loyal admiration,

Wear your MAGA cap.


Accusing Donald Trump of raping—

That is pretty stale,

And rumors Putin had been taping

Donald chasing tail,

All make us wonder what you’re vaping

To believe that tale.

Though we’ll admit there’s no escaping,

Trump reads girls in Braille.


Miss AOC gets up our dander.

What is her appeal?

We old, white men can’t understand her.

She’s supposed to kneel.

And Harris is a big grandstander,

So far from ideal,

So we will stick with our Commander:

Trump’s Art of the Deal.


(1)  See, “Russia, if you’re listening….” Campaign speech by Donald Trump on July 27, 2016.