Donald at the Bat – Day 891, The Last Gasp?

Day 891, The Last Gasp?


Could this be the last gasp of old white men,

As America’s dominant class?

Do they think God ordained them the right men,

From whose hands the torch never must pass?


Do they think to pass it on to women,

Or to people with skins brown or black,

Would leave them a taste bitter as lemon?

Are they duty bound to hold it back?


Now, at this stage of Man’s evolution

We have proven the whole human race

Is quite tribal, like an institution.

It’s a painful truth that we must face.


To democracy we sing loud praises,

(Gerrymander, and suppress the vote.)

Is political speech empty phrases?

Can democracy long stay afloat?


When our forefathers cried, “Revolution!”

They neglected the brown, black, and red.

Although studying the Constitution,

The first words, “We the People…” are read.


Since biology proves every human

Shares a genome that’s almost the same,

From Frederick Douglass to Harry Truman,

“We the People…” means all stake a claim.


So, is this the last gasp of old white guys?

No, the struggle will go on and on.

But, when all throats cry, “Freedom!”  the sunrise

Means new light tells the darkness, “Begone!”