Donald at the Bat – Day 890, The Other Ten

Day 890, The Other Ten


Tonight the other ten debate.  Last night is in the books.

Both Castro and DeBlasio are getting second looks.

It’s likely that most folks will think that Warren’s star stayed bright.

Some others did not really shine.  Now, who will shine tonight?


Consensus is: it’s Kamala.  Most think that Harris “won.”

She showed she’s tough enough for Trump but not the only one.

For Bernie came through loud and clear, in fact, he set the tone

Since many hold positions now he used to hold alone.


The fodder for the Donald will be Medicare for all,

Since almost all the candidates have pledged that they will call

For universal health care; now, how do we pay and start?

Those are the details where all their positions came apart.


“It’s socialism, socialism!” bellows the right wing.

That’s the most grievous insult that Republicans can fling.

“It’s less expensive and works better,” say those in the know.

The European countries prove it; that’s what data show.


Now, after introductions, the requirements will be raised.

Both Harris, Warren, have stood out and Biden has been hazed.

We all await the polls to see if loyalties will switch

And Donald’s tweets will tell us who has made his hemorrhoids itch.


Meanwhile, the Donald’s at G 20, to shake hands with Vlad

And to receive instructions there?  The photo ops look bad.

He had help once before from Vlad and may need help again,

For this election’s shaping up as a tough one to win.


The Donald has no health care plan and he’s kissed Putin’s ass.

His major policy is that he won’t let brown folks pass.

Republicans can gerrymander and suppress the vote.

We’ll see if that will be enough to keep Trump’s boat afloat.