Donald at the Bat – Day 889, Gerrymandering and the Census

Day 889, Gerrymandering and the Census


“We cannot rule on gerrymandering,” so says the Court.

“We know there’s cheating going on, but that’s part of the sport.

“Republicans draw voting districts just to help them win.

(“When Democrats get just as bad, we might hear this again.”)


And, on the coming Census, there’s a question you can’t use.

“Are you a citizen?” is out.  “We recognized the ruse.”

Republicans thought it would help scare browns and blacks away.

They lied about their reasons and the Court said, “Ain’t no way.”


Republicans thought it would help in gerrymandering.

But what they told the Court instead had an untruthful ring.

They said the question would help them assure our voting rights.

But they suppress the vote right now and mostly ban non-whites.


So, gerrymandering’s OK, but don’t tell them a lie.

Conservatives weren’t bothered and they let the lie slip by.

What does this say to Democrats?  “Go register and vote.”

With right-wingers in charge, democracy can’t stay afloat.