Donald at the Bat – Day 888, The Democratic Debate

Day 888, The Democratic Debate


The first ten of two dozen Democrats debate tonight.

Will Trump watch with great interest or might he watch with fright?

Of these first ten, it’s Warren, Booker, who are the best known.

But all of them are smart enough to sink Trump like a stone.


Trump labeled Warren, “Pocahontas,” a name meant to shame.

And Booker has no nickname yet, in Donald’s childish game.

But if someone does well tonight, then Donald will demean;

Insulting is the Donald’s style, as all, by now, have seen.


We know Trump thinks his base is “dumb;” he’s said so in the past.

Most of the promises he made are just so much bombast.

The tax cut the Republicans passed, mostly for the rich,

Just illustrated Donald’s strategy: to bait and switch.


So now the Democrats will tussle to see who will face

The current tweeting president and knock him from his place.

Though all are smarter, all more honest, that’s not saying much.

They can’t just show they’re smarter, they must show the common touch.


There’s health care, immigration, guns, all problems to address.

The Trump approach, they’re arguing, has mostly been BS.

And Donald’s foreign policy is equally as bad.

The Democrats will tell us he’s the worst we’ve ever had.


And so tonight, the starting gun fires and the games begin.

The Democrats competing comprise blacks, whites, women men.

There’s one Latino, one who’s gay; they look like we all do.

And everyone thinks that our nation must bid Trump adieu.