Donald at the Bat – Day 895, Children in Cages

Day 895, Children in Cages


Children in cages

On the front pages

Of newspapers throughout the land.

Who had envisioned

Children imprisoned?

Impossible to understand.


Sadistic, cruel,

Serving as fuel

For Trump’s white supremacy base.

It’s meant to frighten

And meant to tighten

And keep brown folks out of this place.


Immigrants flowing;

Unrest is growing;

Conditions grow ever more grim.

Intense congestion,

That’s without question.

Trump says we’re filled up to the brim.


Provoking quarrels,

Testing our morals,

Just what does “America” mean?



Kind, welcoming?  Selfish and mean?


Our revolution

Our resolution,

A nation with freedom for all.

Some weren’t included;

Some still excluded.

Now Trump says we must build a wall.


Character tested;

Children arrested;

Will those of good will heed the call?

Recall the vision

Of kids in prison

As we shoot fireworks on the Mall.